Small PvP and Industrial Group Looking to Grow

Hey all,

FIE is an industrial and PVE corp that is looking to expand. We are a small, but tight-nit group of friends that play EVE, as well as many other games, in our spare time. We are fairly relaxed but not entirely casual. New players (and bittervets) are always welcome. No SP requirements!

What we have/offer -

  • Multiple Citadels
  • Orca Support
  • LP and Ore buyback
  • Limited SRP on PVE/PVP and Industry
  • A friendly, laid back environment
  • Discord Comms

What we ask for/require -

Voice Capability (At least be able to hear us)
Full Account API

EVE is NOT our primary focus in life and understand that is the case for many others. If you know you’ll be away for a while or inactive let us know ahead of time.


You guys looking to merge with a small alliance to grow? We have a decent pvp wing but lack focused miners and indy and have a closed region with a poorly supplied market. Could use some more indy ppl.

If your interested. Miners Legion offers a lot of the same things you guys are looking for. We live in nullsec/Guristas space.
< comms(discord)
< no sp requirement
< laid back environment
< Extensive buyback program encompassing all forms of ore, minerals, salvage, etc
< capabilities to build everything except supers
< large industry focus
< well stocked regional hub with our own stocked local hub
< multiple citadels/moons
< fully upgraded systems

If you guys are interested in a merger with a bit larger group to grow into, feel free to email me and we can chat.

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