[USTZ] [SOV] Hell AngelZ seeking fun people for both corps

Tenerifis based nullsec alliance seeking to fill 2 of our corporations with like minded and fun people.
DeltaForce, pvp oriented executer corp of the alliance. requirements to join:
-discord with at least ears to listen to commands
-10mil SP
-ability to do T2 med projectiles, lasers, and T2 RLMs, HAMs, HM/RHMs with skilling into T2 large projectiles, lasers, Cruise, and T2 Torps
-T1 Battlecruisers or better

Highlander Industries, rock munching ship building requirements:
-discord with at least ears to list to commands
-able to fly mining barges

-R16s, R32s, and R64s to mine once athanors be dropped
-quiet dead end pocket for ratting and mining
-Jump Freighter/WH hauling services
-manufacturing facilities for your needs
-content to be have
-85% Alliance Buyback program
-Ship SRP program for fleets[T1 ships] and miners

DeltaForce be our home