Nullsec Startup recruiting members to begin operations

Electrifying new startup in Syndicate NPC null, Voltic Legions. PVP oriented with DED escalations on our mind whenever the Pandas or Wolves not coming out to play. We are based on the border of Syndicate and Cloud Ring as we seek the viridian cyto gas constellation from INIT’s pet wolves. In order for our operation to come into fruit, we need YOU.

-1mil SP or more
-T2 median missiles trained or training into them[HMs/HAMs/RLMs]
-skilled into both Gallente/Caldari/Minmatar battlecruisers at level 3 or higher

-T1 ship SRP up to Battlecruisers
-80% jita evepraisal buyback
-half and half split on escalations and loot pinata finds
-10% total value hauling services

-small gang
-SOV warfare[we got a gas constellation to capture chere bois]
-gate camps
-station bashing
-mercenary actions
-ratting them 6/10, 8/10, 10/10 DED escalations

So if you an active PVPer or ratter then come on over to our alliance discord so we can sort you into the corp. Lock N Reload
Astrahus | Knights of a distant stars | Killmail | zKillboard our 1st target successful destroyed
Nyx | Zhouzhou9 | Killmail | zKillboard you could get on kills such as this sleeping chinese beauty that Nouras left behind.

Bump, our nullsec operations cannot start without capable pilots such as yourselves. Come on into my alliance discord and say hi and we will see if you be fit to join this electrifying new nullsec corp of New Eden.

active bois n gals need to apply. lets make it happen

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