Unity of Suns is Recruiting

Unity of Suns is Recruting!

As the oldest member of Warped Intentions we’ve recently made the move from Catch and Immensea to some empty space in Period Basis, and we are looking for pilots across all TZ’s to come join us.

We’re a mix of PVE and PVP’ers, with years worth of experience within EvE. Our doors are open to newer players to come learn with us, and Veterans to come join an established corporation. We believe in trying to provide a good fit for people, so if you’re a day one newbro, don’t be offended if we suggest you look at another corp that would be better suited to your needs.

As a Part of Legacy Coalition, we are NBSI which means we shoot anyone who isn’t one of our mates, and are right in the forefront of the current war against Goons. (grr)

As a null sec corporation, you can expect:-

  • Ice Belts when they spawn

  • Moon Mining

  • Ratting Anomalies

  • Explorers in instawarping frigates that you might just catch next time

  • PVP in it’s many many forms

What are we looking for?

1. Someone with a pulse (no bots thanks)

2. Access to discord, we want to create a social group as well as a good corp. Eve is always better with friends.

3. No drama llama’s, we’re on a salt free diet thanks. We’d also prefer it if you acted like a decent human being. No refunds for shitlords or racists.

D. Some skillpoints are preferable. We don’t discriminate against those on the low end of the sp spectrum and offer a plethora of training material to get you up to speed on all kinds of topics. As stated earlier, day one newbros are probably better off looking at Brave/Horde/karmafleet

Come hang in our pub channel UoS Pub and one of our trained recruiters will be with you, once they find their certification in the box of cereal.

Come talk to us today

Recruitment still open

We’re still recruiting!

Still looking for new pilots

recruitment still open

still looking for pilots to take their next step with us

daily bump. drop into our public channel in game

Doors are still open to new recuits

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