Unity of Suns wants You

Unity of Suns is Recruiting!

A mix of EU, US and AU pilots (yes Unity, you), we are looking for people to come join us out in null sec.

As a part of Warped Intentions (and Legacy Coalition) you can expect all the usual things from a sov holding alliance.

  • Ice Belts
  • Moon Mining
  • The odd cloaky camper
  • Ratting Anomalies
  • Explorers in instawarping frigates that you might just catch next time
  • PVP in it’s many forms

We are NBSI which means we shoot anyone who isn’t one of our mates.

Come join us and us bittervets can tell you tales such as:-

  • The time one of our corpmates flew halfway through providence to fit his newly purchased Astero, that he’d worked really hard to get, only to forget to fit a cloak on it and die on the way home
  • The time one of our alliance mates (RIP) flew an unfit Minokawa into a gatecamp because intel is hard
  • The time one of our newer members tried to get into a coalition fleet but never received an invite so decided to yolo’d his battleship through a gate anyway and ended up getting several killmails anyway.
  • The time one of our guys (yes, it was me) was trying out incursions with some friends, had safety set to red and got concorded after targetting a fleet mate instead of the npc’s
  • That time when one of our members flew an Astero, feeling confident that he would not get caught when moving a couple BPOs of the various mining barges… Spoiler: he got caught
  • The story of the little Drake that could, pinging around toasting sov nodes then cloaking, while some hostiles kept trying to find it. It later survived for 20 odd mins, tanking al the damage while a friendly response fleet made it’s way over to kill them from other side of constellation
  • Whatever stories you can create in your time with us!

What are we looking for?

  1. Someone with a pulse (no bots thanks)
  2. Access to discord so you can call me stupid at 3am
  3. No drama llama’s, we’re on a salt free diet thanks. We’d also prefer it if you acted like a decent human being. No exemptions for shitlords.
  4. Willingness to join in with the group. If you aren’t the social type fair enough but we’ll still talk to you, even if the conversation is only 1 way. We ask for a minimum amount of fleet participation but strongly encourage you to fight alongside corp and alliance mates.
  5. Some skillpoints are preferable. We don’t discriminate the against those on the low end of the sp spectrum.

Come hang in our pub channel UoS Pub and one of our trained recruiters will be with you, once they find their certification in the box of cereal.

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