Unity Of Suns is recruiting

Unity of Suns is recruiting!

Unity of Suns is the longest standing member of the Warped Intentions alliance, being a core part of the group for almost 5 years.

With a mix of time served veterans and fresh faced newer players, we believe we have built a perfect environment for players to come in and experience all that nullsec has to offer, safe in the knowledge that behind them are a bunch of people who will support them every step of the way.

We pride ourselves in having established a drama-free, RL first mentality where you can rat/mine/pew, knowing that you won’t face the wrath of leadership for not being a ping warrior.

Having said that, we do like our pvp. Being a part of Legacy Coalition, there’s enough small/large fleet PvP that you can throw your antimatter charges at. We even dive in wormholes from time to time.

Contact us today for more information.

Corp Recruiters:-
Ted Lebon

Tulga Dustbringer

Druss Van

Jaspen Madrona

Still recruiting

Still looking for newbros and veterans to come join us

Still recruiting!

Come join us today

Our doors are still open. Start the next part of your eve journey with us today!

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