Mouse borked after latest update

After the latest update, most mouse movements are broken. Ships are stuck in a top-down view and I can’t change it. Can rotate in the plane but can’t rotate to looking at the ship from the side.

Also window movements are broken. Windows snap to the side of the screen (and partially off screen)

Some right clicks are also broken (such as right clicking on my ship – no longer brings up the menu)

I can confirm, I have the exact issues since last update.

Only happens in windowed mode, it works ok in full screen

I have an issue with the mouse pointer in Linux: I installed EVE Online using Steam Beta with Play on Linux (Proton) on Ubuntu 19.04. The cursor blinks in and out constantly, unless I’m holding the mouse button down, in which case it remains visible. The game runs fast and everything else works correctly so far. My graphics card is an AMD Radeon RX580.

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