Moving Eve install from c: to x:

Hey, I just installed a new ssd and want to move my Eve installation to it from my root drive if possible, or if at least partially possible? I’m not on a superfast connection and don’t wanna download whole 10 gigs again. Thanks.

Open the EVE Launcher -> click in the top right on the EVE symbol -> Click on Shared Cache -> Wait for it to verify the cache -> click on Move -> select the new location -> hope and pray that it does not download the client again.

Make sure you adjust your settings folders in the AppData/local/CCP/ folder.

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Thanks, trying it now!

UPDATE: Tried it the way Dyver Phycad mentioned, but the downloading commenced as soon as I closed the Shared Cache window. I then shut down Eve Launcher, uninstalled Eve (the cache was copied to x:dir) reran the Eve Launcher installer, pointed it at x:dir , after a few confirmed warnings about installing in a non-empty folder it installed and Eve works perfectly from x: . Thanks.

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