MS Excel market sheet typeid help

Hello all. I am not too familiar with this type of thing and found some info but am struggling and need help please.

So on a google sheet that uses
‘’‘=importxml(CONCATENATE(“",“&typeid=”&JOIN("&typeid=”,$B3:B20)), “//sell/min”)’‘’
to pull min sell price for some items.
Here I can just paste the item + ID and it populates.

The &JOIN function this uses? Can anyone help with a similar function but in MS Excel (2019)?
I cant find any help/info online

Fuzzwork is the only excel one I could find but can for the life of me not figure out how to use the typeid sheet like in the Google Sheet example above to auto populate.

I cannot get the google sheet to work constantly, think I am doing too many calls tbh and far as I have read Excel allows more pulls.

Is this possible?
Thank you in advance

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for example - Google Drive

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