[MTAC] Looking for EU Miners for a Big industry Corp

Evening ladies and apache helicopters,

We are a corporation that is part of the Slyce alliance, we focus heavily on mining and industry with big pushes on moon mining and access to the wonders of NPC space for all the exploration you could ever need.

Although we have a very solid and good EU base we are still trying to grow this side with active moon mining ops for just EU players, we are an easy going and chilled corporation that has access to wonderful PVP alliance if you ever get bored of mining.

A good alliance and good corp members allows us to have fun and sometimes drink during the operations which can certainly make it entertaining. We are an adult community and prefer it this way due to some of the content during the operations.

If you are looking for a corp to get into production or any and all areas of industry then we are for you. We welcome all levels and will help you understand null life if you are new to it.

Please get in touch with us in our public channel, “MTAC Public”, if you have any questions or wish to apply.

Hugs and kisses,

Frost “The Mad Englishman” Kadeyooh

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