MTAC - Seeking EU Miners/PVE for sick boosts and good fun!

We are a extremely active corp across all time-zones however we are looking at expanding the EU TZ with a good group of players from beginners to veterans (such as myself).

We are mainly focused on mining and industry but we are part of a very active PVP alliance that you are always welcome to join and help with fleets once you get bored of staring at rocks.


  • Free skill books
  • Help and advice on null sec life
  • SRP on mining ships
  • Free stuff for newbros
  • A shoulder to cry on if you lose a ship
  • BPO access
  • Capital Boosters from every timezone
  • Engineering complexes
  • Free Hugs

If you have any questions or want to know more it is best to ask in “MTAC Public” channel or message me directly if you are from the EU.

o7 Fly safe

Frost Kadeyooh - Capital Booster/Idiot/Recruiter

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