Multi-boxing going nuts

Or just kill them , that’s about the most eve thing to do .

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Consequences there Depends on content.

Npc fw can be kicked out for excessive team kills. Even if warranted.

Minmatar some infamous ones we get lucky and some fw vets for a while take out the trash. Members of Fl33t for example won’t be kicked for team kills on usual suspects. Fl33t standing overrides personal in that case.

Angels npc me in now trilib….i go John wick with team kills at some point I get dropped.

And it’s like a hydra. Cut off 1 head…2 takes it’s
Place. Algos for what they do are cheap as hell really. Low skill too. Alts don’t need to be Uber sp.

You do have some weird rogues. What school of magic do they use?

And this is the good guy

Well that is 40 subscriptions. Who does more to support the game, them or you?

Forced to play video games? FORCED!!!?!

I’d say that’s a reward for good behavior. Way better than being forced to make licence plates, do industrial laundry, break rocks, or fight forest fires deemed too dangerous for actual firefighters to deal with.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Not a lot of experience with inmate fire crews huh?


Only what I read in your state media.

That said. I’m going to award you my “completely missing the point” :heart: for today.

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It sounds like our local drinker is starting early.

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I couldn’t help but notice how empty it is here in your head where I live rent free.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

lol wes he thinks he is relevant to someone

After the Capsuleer admits to their multiboxing, they would start to uncover that New Eden hosts a number of other multiboxers!

Be careful letting Epeen live in your head rent-free. When he moved out of mine, he left it looking like this and I couldn’t even do anything because I never charged a security deposit:

That’s two for the week, 1 more and I get a free sandwhich.

@Sean_Gappeq I can certainly understand where you’re coming from, yes it seems very unfair. However as mentioned multi-boxing EVE is very much allowed - it is not to be confused with botting. Now the rules surrounding multi-boxing have had a few changes over the years. Such rules may include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Only Omega accounts may run multiple clients at the same time - applies to each and every account you’d want to Multi-box.
    :warning: Note: Alpha accounts may not be used along side of an Omega account - regardless of how it could otherwise be achieved.
  • You may not modify, slice or segment Game client in any way.
  • You may not use any software - feature or not - or physical contraption that gives you the ability to send a single action to multiple clients - a.k.a. Input-broadcasting.

If you suspect anyone of botting you should report them - Right Click their name > Report Botting.

Examples of how some players used to play EVE many, many years ago - DO NOT DO THIS! it is not allowed and hasn’t for more than a decade.

Meh, this is always going to be a problem when you have developers trying to fix a sandbox with systems. FW is always going to suck for this reason.

CCP likes the multiboxers. They pay up and dont complain.

When one player uses multiple accounts to kill it still counts as a solo.

When a player uses multiple accounts to get a kill it isn’t solo, and never will be.

For me solo means only using one ship to get the kill.

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Well , if you can’t beat a player with mutliple accounts, the problem is clearly you.

Learn to make friends !!!

If a player uses two multibox chars and one is simply a warp in point and the other does all the DPS, that is multiboxing yet would definitely count as a solo kill.

Gotta suck hard , not being able to beat a multiboxer