Multi-Boxing Miner/Indy/PI LF Active Hi-Sec Alliance and N

Looking for a good group to form an Alliance with. I’m well established and based out of The Citadel region. Also looking for new corp. members who love mining or who are starting out as industrialist. All clone types welcome!

  • For Those Looking To Join We Offer
    • Ore Buy Back
    • Top Quality Mining Boosts
    • Weekend Mining Fleets w/ Hauler support
    • Tax Free Indy Stations (Azbel, Raitaru) w/ Manufacturing/Refining/Research/Invention Services

-What I Am Looking For

  • A well established alliance
  • Active Personnel Base (Weekend Mornings Are My Active Time)

If you or your Corp/Alliance would also like to setup an active Hi-Sec area, I’m willing to be the base for those operations. Any other ideas or comments are also welcome!

Give me a shout in game. I think we have a lot to discuss.

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