Multi TZ Low Sec Destruction - Axiom of Aggression

New and Old Bros welcome.

We have members from all TZ from US to AU passing over EU and then back.

What can u expect from us?

  • Good fun PVP all day long.
  • Few blues (but it doesn’t mean we don’t have good friends outside corp).
  • No Drama.
  • Real Life goes first, No CTAs, only obligation is to have fun when you login.
  • Then some more good fun PVP all night long.

What are we as a Corp?

  • A relaxed PVP corp which generally has someone out pew pewing.
  • Well experienced PVP pilots and FC’s that have been flying together for years.
  • A tight group able to make fun stuff and work well together in small-medium fleets.

What we do?

  • We do Small Gang warfare, BLOPS, Capital warfare and have some damn good fights.
  • We like poking big targets and we are not afraid or shy.
  • Training Operations for Newbros.
  • Fun stupid roams if nothing better to do.
  • Play the game, no limitations.

What do we expect from you?

  • To play the game and have fun flying with us.
  • To be able to use our Discord, specially Discord Voice Comms at fleet ups.
  • To be self sufficient about your ISK. We can provide u the tools, but u need to do your part too.
  • To follow fleet doctrines (when necessary) and FC’s orders (standard practice really).
  • Provide us with your ESI information.
  • To blow up ships one way or another!

Where are we based?

  • In a nice Low Sec system just one jump away to HS and Null.


  • Trips to and from Jita almost daily so you can always have stuff at hand.


  • Have the capability for builders to get their jobs done, refinement facilities and moon mining availability.

Who are we looking for?

  • Anyone who is willing to join and contribute to the PvP side of the corp. If you aren’t too sure which area you want to specialize in we can help you figure out a training path.
  • People who don’t rely on us to provide you with content, if you are into PvP our whole area is content. Yes we do roams but there are times when people are doing their own thing or are busy.

Thanks for your time and hope to see you soon in or “AoA Newbros” chat Channel.


Wasup, I was trolling your KB and wanted to reach out and see if you guys had any interest in joining a Null alliance that is PvP focused with a ■■■■ ton of content available.

Fly savage



Thanks for reaching out. At the minute we are happy to stick around in low sec for the time being. Thanks very much for the offer though, it is appreciated!

Fly with Aggression!

rgr that, if you guys want to branch out into null; just shoot me a PM. Feel free to join the discord!

Sick of CTA’s? Join us do what you want when you want with the added bonus of having the option to do things with some awesome people!

Recruitment is still open!

Back off holiday, come hit us up!

Recruitment is still open! Send me a message in game for more details!

Go check out our killboard, hopefully helps you make a decision!

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