Multiple Screens, Vanguard Launcher forgets which account goes to each screen

Hello, I just upgraded to Windows 11 and unfortunately as expected, its ruined the game experience.

I play the game with 6 screens, 3x 27" 4K monitors on a bottom row, and 3x 24" 1080p above them.

The old launcher remembered which account goes to which screen, and it also remembered my resolutions for eachone.

This new launcher, defaults all accounts to the last screen that was opened.

Everytime i launch the game now, i have to configure for each account, the resolution, and which screen it displays on. On top of that, i have to resize each time and then reconfigure all my ingame windows positioning

This is completely unacceptable, it takes upwards 10 minutes just to get the game setup.

Is there a way to fix this? Or a way to get the old launcher back?

Did you forget to actually save the Launcher profiles? If not, then it’s very likely that the launcher simply created new profile(s) for your account(s).

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