Murderous miners are looking for pvp pilots

  • Murderous Miners have opend up our doors to look for pilots

  • Focus: lots of PVP content nullsec lowsec solo small gang and small fleet while still being able to access the big coalition fleets

  • with diversified approach to ISK making :slight_smile:

  • Motto: We kill, we mine, We drink, We laugh

  • Headquarters: Nullsec region

  • Primary Sctivities: Aggressive PVP engagements, nullsec exploration, mining operations with combat oriented focus and ratting

  • Recruitment Slogan: " Join the ranks of Murderous miners, where every asteroid field is battleground and every member is family."

  • Core Values: Camaraderie, Fearlessness and Respect

  • Alliance Affiliation: Part of Weaponised Anarchy , as training PVP alliance for Northern Coalition.

zKillboard](Murderous miners | Corporation | zKillboard)

feel free to join Murderous miners pub chat

bump :slightly_smiling_face:

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