[Mushroomdoers Recruitment] MushroomManiacs is recruiting

Mush•ro•oo•m•Ma•ni•a - An obsessive impulse to play Eve; to share and grow Mushrooms regardless of economic need !

Looking for Young guns, Barmaids, Butlers, and Hangmen !


  • Kill everyone while stealing as much of their possessions as possible for our own gain whilst at the same time sharing and growing Shrooms-- Bonus to those who can deliver Mushrooms up to 20 miles minimum to next Corp member in next town - We aim to help others learn to Shroom, and still enjoy and play Eve and bee on Mushrooms. We are non profit Corp, that plays Eve 24/7, whilst making deliveries to other Corp members, regardless of race, or age.

  • Create maximum panic, hatred, disruption, loathing and despair wherever we go. Ending with Mushrooms at the end of the day ! Guys, no you can’t mail things in FEDEX or UPS they will deteriorate guys; its not pie that’s been pasteurized ^^

  • Become the largest and most effective Pirate force Eve have ever seen.


Mushroom Maniacs are a new corp built around members of many well known and household name rat corps from back in the day.

All this experience makes for an effective bunch of cold blooded thugs who like nothing better than to gank everything they meet while on Shrooms. Many would consider us a ‘gatecamp dreamteam’ and you’d be foolish not to agree. Only requirement is to join, talk share, make a batch, fly a ship in Eve ( and even with your next door neighbor that plays Eve ! ) as well as your fellow capsuleers ! Eve’s limited chat and grouping system within the EVE construct is not going to slow Mushroom growing down, therefore beeing inside a Corporation and Shrooming is not a requirement in itself. Staying around makes the deliveries easier and easier and maybe one day you will have a Mushroom delivered to your doorstep while playing EVE !

Being formed only 10 days ago, we don’t look at the number of Pirates or people inside chat, and numbers are not a necessary concern, but are looking to expand, further cementing our position as the no1 pirate corp in eve. (approx 1200 lbs of Mushrooms grown a wk over this period gives a idea of how busy we are with over 12000 hrs put into this and EVE Tranquility )

We are seeking players with 8m skillpoints or more (though are flexible), with a PVP orientated skillset. You have to bee able to stay in contact with beneficiaries of the Corp and you will always have backup ( ie Mushrooms and numbers ) What you fly is less important, but rather how you can fit it into existing gangs. Once in you’ll often find capital ships / faction BS and other pimpmobiles being used in combat. These are serious things. We are not affiliated with any background Corporations, Alliances, nor will we ever bee blue or part of any coalition or in game-agency. We are a separate group from the rest of the EVE Galaxy and Universe.

We have both US / Euro / Aussie timezone players…


Mushroom Maniacs are mainly gate specialists and are proficient in the art of killing anything, growing Shrooms and anyone who happens to be flying past. We are also good at playing Eve while on Shrooms. We share our knowledge ! and once Corporation(s) begin to expand we will keep everything the same, if you want Shrooms or to just play EVE check out our ingame chnnl, “Mushrooms”. We also take part in roaming gangs, belt hunting and will also have many corp held events.


There is only two rules…

  • Honour ransoms
  • Go -10, we’re lowsec pirates, lowsec pirates are -10. (it doesn’t take long)

We all use Discord and you’ll be expected to at least be able to listen while on ops (we are often too drunk to type :slight_smile:


This is where we excel over most other rat corps. All loot is ( Product ) is to bee shared on gate either via one member buying or direct share on a kill by kill basis… nothing goes to corp except t1 junk.

Everyone in Mushroom Maniacs benefits while on an op, the more we fry, the more you get.


Though I can’t promise you’ll get rich, if you put in time on ops you will always get your fair share of the loot, Shrooms, contacts and have plenty to buy new toys etc. Flying in the corp you’ll also learn in detail how to make isk by killing people…(ingame)

Joining Mushroom Maniacs is a step to fame within EVE and we will guarantee within a few days you will be hated by bears with utter contempt and loathing. It’s fun to be hated… stop being nice, EVE’s a game, play the bad guy!

Vin Mariani out o/ :skull_and_crossbones:

Bump! we’re looking for members that can cover Eve players eastern side of US.

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