Mwd trick on Orca et al?

It can - even w/o bling mods and implants. See

Will try the bling one above on Sisi…



Fit an 500MN MWD on your Orca and set it to not auto-repeat.

On gates:

  • Initiate warp to next location
  • Immediately after that push the MWD button

On undock.

  • Doubleclick into space in the opposite direction you are moving
  • push the MWD button
  • Once your velocity is around 0 initiate warp to next location
  • push the MWD button

This way you can travel around with the Orca really fast. Warp speed is obviously still bad.

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Wow, lot’s of inconsistencies. Surprising.

Getting 10s align time on an orca with a 500mn mwd is easy enough.

I have not managed to do the cloaky-mwd trick with an orca though. Maybe with agility mods/implants.

Try my fits in the linked thread on E-Uni Forum. I fly an Orca with MWD & Cloak trick.


it’s 11s. your align starts at the tick, then you receive the knowledge you uncloacked and you can activate MWD, then 10s after the MWD ends, then at the end of the tick you warp. that’s 11s.


But meh

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I agree it’s not that important in the case of the orca.

Still it’s important when you want to compare with non-mwd fit. Some ships have a 11s align without MWD, so they gain nothing of pulsing the MWD.
So people are used to claim “10s align with MWD” and don’t realize they are wrong.

Same way people don’t realize AB pulse is 9s, not 8s. Unless you are very fast to activate it of course, but expecting to be always faster than 250ms to activate AB and have never any lag is … kinda delusional to me.

Confession time - After a bottle of wine, I’d forgotten I’d asked it before. :blush:


This explains why I always had to be a little slow on firing the MWD-Cloak, cuz you need that 1s lag time

You can MWD/Cloak an Orca by heating MWD. Orcas are huge and easy to decloak though.

First, you need a paper align time of under 25 seconds or thereabouts (navigation skills, agility implants, istabs, low friction rigs, etc). Other things that will help:

  • Fast MWD (compact 500mn + decayed/gravid muta and roll your heart out. It’s cheap).
  • Faction Cloak. Last I checked Dread Gurista/CalNavy cloaks were under 20mil.
  • Zors implant, the one with +5% propmod speed.
  • Acceleration Control V.
  • Acceleration Control Implant AC-60X. I prefer warpspeed implant here but ymmv.

With a faction cloak, fast MWD, perfect skills, and Zor’s implant you can probably get away with 30ssec paper align time. Not sure though, I don’t actually fly Orca very much. Remember to bring lots of nanite paste if you plan on heating prop a lot.

-Heat MWD
-Activate MWD
-Deactivate MWD (if set to autorepeat)
-Decloak as MWD is about to finish cycle
-Spam the correct button/key to warp/warptoX/dock/whatever it is you want to do

Cloak and Decloak timing depends on your connection and should practice a bit to get a feel for it. Server tick probably plays a part here so it’s a bit random.

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I love how much detail u put into this

you forgot the rig that increases your MWD cycle time.

Actually you can make an orca warp in one MWD cycle every time, even when not entirely aligned. All you need to do is sacrifice one rig slot for a Higgs Anchor. It will significantly decrease the speed required to get to warp as it lowers your base speed. That makes the speed the MWD gives you in that one cycle far exceed whats needed to warp.

Will give you the same kind of “warp sideways” effect that you see on some supercapitals.

that’s not how it works.

How does it work ?

look it up on eve university.

Align time does not depend on max speed : increasing or decreasing it is of zero effect.

Wouldn’t it be better just to have a webber?

yes, but do you know of people who will always web you?

The Higgs helps because it changes agility not because it lowers speed. Using 1 MWD cycle works because it ALTERS the max speed (and thus the required 75% of max) by enabling or disabling the module.

You run it for one cycle while aligning so your max speed is higher and your speed increase due to alignment is higher and once the MWD cycle ends the max speed goes back to base value and then suddenly your actual current speed is over (or much closer to) the 75% speed requirement.

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