Mwd trick on Orca et al?

Thanks for correcting that. The point stands though. The Higgs is a way to achieve what the OP wants.

it requires a rig slot, so less mining, and reduces the warp speed. also it is less efficient than a MWD (that can also be used to move in the field, reduce bump)

Yes, I’d not fit one for generic use, for many reasons, but technically it helps align time.

for orca: 500MN MWD, one pulse and you’re away in ten seconds from a standing start as opposed 40-45s(?). With practice you can get it down to 6 (hit mwd THEN initiate warp).

Given that the cycle time for MWDs is 10 seconds, this is wrong, regardless of what order you input the commands.

well then my client and my stopwatch are both lying to me. Good to know.

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Well, if you hit the MWD and then just sit there for 4 seconds… you only take 6 seconds to align, not 10. Those 4 seconds can be used for doing other things. Fastening your seatbelt, closing drawers, etc.

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Oh the fit in question do have an MWD to take full advantage of the rig. The fit in question is for unsafe space like Null. I have no experience with AFK mining in Orcas in highsec. In Null you will not “move around a belt”. You have a ping bookmark and warp to the bookmark and then directly to the next asteroid in question at 0 to be as close as possible for drones. If local is clear then you align at 1.0 m/s vs safe station. You will then be in warp after one MWD cycle and will not move too far from the asteroid over time for drones. If local isnt safe, or you see bad stuff on intel channels, then you align at 75% max speed which will be 14 m/s to insta warp if something pops on grid. Its still slow enough to not get too far from an asteroid that quickly.

This is possible due to a higgs rig not only reducing Agility by 55% but also, contrary to some claim in this thread, reduces max velocity by 75%. stats can be seen here: The warp drag is reduced by rig skills to 5%.

As for the less amount mined with one yield rig less. The difference, with max skills and T2 drones, is 22.5 m3/s with two T2 yield rigs vs 24,8 m3/s with a third T1 yeld rig (as it at max can fit 2 T2 and 1 T1). This is insignificant amounts compared to the extra safety. Especially when the Orca is being used as a partner to a hulk that with orca boosts and foreman implant mines 57,5 m3/s sharing the same align as the orca.

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IIRC, ctrl+space will command your ship to stop after undock without breaking undock immunity. Works even before the loading is complete (so you have to mash it for a bit). In many cases this will completely stop your ship within docking range of the station so you can align all you want, wherever you want, or dock again if there are enemies lurking around.

The better way is to use insta-warp undock bookmarks.