Occator Unbalanced?

I just played in pyfa for a while. I was comparing the four deadspace transports; Occator, Bustard, Mastodon, Impel. I haven’t trained for them yet, and I was just looking for a ship that can transport goods and have a decent life expectancy in high sec. I have an orca, but it’s very slow, and jumping back and forth takes eons.

So a quick rundown, The Bustard and Mastodon easily fit two warp cores in low slots. The impel can fit one, and the occator can’t fit any, unless I sacrifice a decent amount of EHP. Any critique on this is welcome. I feel like the Occator could use some love.


WCS are useless. If you fit WCS instead of proper tank and Cloak- MWD, you deserve to lose your ship. For illustration: Look up DST Losses on killboards and you will notice that mostly DST with WCS or otherwise terrible fittings land on the loss boards. You will also notice that the Occator can fit as many WCS as the other DST if you purposefully hamper your ship. You will also notice that WCS do not safe you as reliably as you think they will.


They all come with +2 to warp core stabilization built into the hull.

But it’s generally fine that every ship isn’t identical to the other ships in the class. If you want to run a ship packed with WCS, that might be best done on a different one than a max active shield tank, or one fit for speed/agility.

I’d say the Occator only has balance issues if no one uses it. I don’t think that is the case though, so I’m not sure any changes are needed.

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I fly both the Occator and the Mastodon. in highsec I fit for speed - both ships will warp in 8 seconds from a gate, 1 pulse of the afterburner. A pair of hyperspatial rigs will let them travel at 5 AU/sec. With the overheat bonus, you want an active tank with an ancillary booster - makes you a very unattractive target unless you are carrying way too much value. I use Blockade Runners for high value - easier to kill but much harder to catch.

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Or for a low ammount of cargo, because they are faster :wink:

I use different fittings for 0sec and low/high sec and I always fly occator.

In 0sec you don´t need any shield extender / booster or similar. When you get caught you simply die.
I prefer a MJD / AB fitting, align-time < 10sec (1 AB cycle) additional WCS against a fast tackling loki.
Adding a probe launcher safes you against getting lost in a WH when someone roley your WH; :smile:

The only thing that can get you is a good gatecamp with a very fast tackler, waiting on 0km to decloak you.
In this situation I use my MJD to get out of the bubble and align to a random target.
An bubbled gate is a thing for the premade 100km spots, which allow your MJD to jump on 0km into the bubble. Every Occator (DST) without a MJD and equipted with anything that increases your signature is a failure, because it helps the enemy to lock you after a decloak.

Scouting the out-gate is very important, I scout with a nullified T3 Cruiser.

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it’s the best for a passive fit with MWD T2 + MJD + cloak

a bulkhead occator can fit MJD+MWD T2+cloak and still have 83k ehp.
an impel with same mjd+mwd+claok will need more CPU rigs and thus only achieve 73k ehp.
a mastodon wil need 4 pwr mods to have those + LSE II for 66k ehp.
a bustard will need 5 pwr mods/rigs in order to get those and a whooping 58k ehp.


maybe because every ship is different ?
I have no numbers here, but what about a shield, armor, speed fit ?

Thanks for all the replies guys! I’ll try fitting for more speed and drop those WCS =)

it seems obvious that a mastodon or bustard with 5 mods for pwr is not bulkhead fit.
I took the best possible T2 fit in each case. Armor fit goes even lower for occator/impel.

I don’t care about active fit, I just said it’s the best for passive buffer fit.
That means that in at least one case the occator is the best of the DST.

This ship has been flying around highsec for about 3 years. It’s a basic fit - modules chosen for maximum speed with enough tank to discourage opportunistic ganks. I haven’t changed the fit since I built it and it gets a lot of use.

[Occator, Occator]
Medium Armor Repairer II
Reactive Armor Hardener
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Damage Control II
Inertial Stabilizers II
Inertial Stabilizers II

10MN Afterburner II
Cap Recharger II
Medium Cap Battery II

Medium Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II
Medium Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II

Edit: I’m tempted to pop in a medium MJD - they didn’t exist when I built the ship.

I like the reactive hardeners too. Thanks for sharing your fit.

So a t3 nullified is immune to say being pointed by a tackler… I thought that it wasn’t immune to that?

That’s not what nullification is. That’s for bubbles, not targeted forms of warp jamming. Even with said nullification, you’d still be vulnerable to scrams and such.

Maybe but if you not fit a mwd, a Bustard gets up to 1 million ehp. Mine has 250k.

Hehe, that’s a habit I inherited while living in w-space too.

Is the impel the gallente one?

Impel’s Amarr.

not on a passive fit with MWD + cloak + MJD. If you want to compare things, you need to limit the field. So now we are in the fields of carrots, don’t compare them with your pumpkins.

Well a mwd + mjd doesn’t fit without gimping everything. I don’t know why a mwd + cloak will “safe” anyone.

If and only if a Bustard manages to accelerate to maximum speed, which takes 2 minutes, a titan with 60 higgs anchors rigs will have decloaked that without a prop mod, going 0.0000000000000000000000001 m/s.

it does on a bulkhead occator.

yep just got to get the occy down to a under 10sec align time, your good to go.

Fair warning tho, after learning the mwd+cloak trick you end up doing it on every gate even in trade hubs.
taking the long road to get into warp is suckers game for freighters

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