Is there any way to make orca do cloak + MWD trick?

Well of course orca can warp in 10 sec after one cycle of 500mn mwd.

But since 10 sec is enough time to be locked by gankers and scrambled,

I also want to be cloaked while aligning.

I know smaller ships can use cloak + mwd trick and used it for safety.

But how about orca? I tried same but no luck.

Is there any way to make orca do cloak + MWD trick?

Was told it’s not possible, but didn’t try … I think you need to bring up the max speed.

Go to the test server and try/train it. Should be possible with overheated MWD + faction cloak

Interesting question. Watching this space…

Even if you don’t get up to 75% speed, it will confuse campers and cut a few seconds of your align time, perhaps giving you an escape. So even if it’s not possible to execute perfectly, I’d still use the cloak+mwd trick on every jump.

You can’t cloak if you are being targeted anyway…

Well I made it! Without overheat.

Now I can enjoy safer hauling :smile:


thats the spirit.

you can pretty much always cloak before you get targeted. The typical exception is if there is stuff within 2km of where your ship lands after jumping gate.

And of course if they have a fast frig or two it is possible they get a decloak by flying right at you while you are cloaked.

Only because the ship was pretty much pre-alligned after the jump. Not always you can pick warp destination so close to your initial orientation.

Let’s see if we can get some Newbie forum questions out of this:
a) What is the trick?
b) Does it work with a Venture given at the start?
c) What skills do I need to handle cloaking as a powerful tool? I lose 90% of my speed while cloaking atm.

I made several experiments, and found that the direction after you jump doesn’t affect on this trick.
The thing is, if your orca is close to zero speed, this trick will work regardless of your direction.
But if your speed is more than about 20%(not accurate) of max speed,
then this will make your orca to need more time to align before warp.
And every time after jump, your ship is at zero speed :smiley:

PS. But right after undocking NPC station could be a problem.
You can’t make every NPC station’s insta-warp bookmark.

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Confirming @erg_cz is incorrect. The direction your ship faces has 0 effect on align time as long as you are stationary.


Now you just have to share: how did you make it work?
Higgs anchor? Faction cloak/MWD?

AC-603 - MWD speed 3% increase
EM-705 - Ship inertia 5% decrease
Zor’s custom navigation hyper-link - MWD speed 5% increase

CPU 253.0 / 660.0 tf
Power Grid 1,394.0 / 1,440.0 MW
Calibration 300.0 / 400.0 points
High Power Slots 1/6
Caldari Navy Cloaking Device - Needed to achieve velocity for warp while cloak.
Medium Power Slots 5/5
500MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive - Less powergrid usage
2x Large F-S9 Regolith Compact Shield Extender
EM Ward Amplifier I
Limited Adaptive Invulnerability Field I
Low Power Slots 2/2
Inertial Stabilizers II - For faster velocity increase.
‘Basic’ Expanded Cargohold - Less hull decrease, and max velocity decrease make orca easy to warp.
Large Rig Slots 3/3
Large Cargohold Optimization II
2x Large Low Friction Nozzle Joints II - For faster velocity increase.

Spaceship commmand V
Evasive maneuvering III
Acceleration control III

Maybe I can change Inertial stab to Damage control if I max my related skills.
This fit might be not useful to normal mining people, but useful enough to haulers like me :grinning:


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