MWM TBC Umbra-Domini 0.0 Sov Is looking for industrial pilots

Umbra-Domini, Shadow of the Lord
Polite until provoked

We are part of the WMW ( Mistakes Where Made ) coalition industrial backbone. This means we are part of the
team that builds all the shizzle to have all good fights. Because the goal is to make our null region self sufficient, and we really wanne produce everything possible local from ammo up to caps, and the markets at the startup point at the moment we are looking for new members.

At the moment i am looking for a few dedicated guys for the indyteam, that:

A: Are wlling to work on indy / mining / Pi etc, but also willing to step into a PVP boat for major fleets
B: Know the basics of industry. I dont ask to know everything. Also newer pilots( with minimum skillsets) that wanne learn industry are welcome
C: Willing to help out in the bigger plan( there is a big task up ahead)

So for the indy eam i am looking for miners, ratters( salvagers), production, invention, market peeple.

We are active and assertive about challenging intruders to our space and building our presence in the region.
We encourage our members to pursue what they enjoy about the game. You are respected, whatever your level or play preference.
You will be asked to participate in PvP to the capacity you are able.
We help, mentor, and encourage those who are learning.

We also offer plenty of ISK-making opportunities, in a low pressure, respectful environment.

Join our recruitment channel: Umbra-Domini_Public or talk with: Skyler Mind, or Shiva Caldacan Indy guys ask for Wolf


ooking for miners with teeth!!

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