Myrmidon Collective - New Corp now recruiting! Your chance to grow

This corp is a work in progress. With the help of new recruits, I intend to lead us into carving it’s place in New Eden. As this dream machine grows in power, you, the capsuleer, will help push us into the dark regions of nullsec one day. There is much room for growth in this corp and we offer half the tax most larger corporations ask for to allow you some breathing room!

Newbies are welcome! If fact it is encouraged. We will provide you with t1 ships (fitted) for free! All you have to do is pew pew and rat all day!

Home Base: Nourvukaiken - Hades : 3 jumps from the Jita trade hub and on the border of Tama for your pvp addiction :slight_smile:

Looking for: Recruiters & FCs !

recruitment is still open!

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