Mystic Drago - C4 Wormholer Group C2/C3 Static

Mystic Drago is a wormholer corp living in C4 Black Hole Space with a C2 and C3 static.

Mystic Drago listens to the voices of it’s members and has found early success in their few months of adventuring the wonders of wormhole space together. Here we believe that roles and officer promotions come from those who take initiative and help to make Mystic Drago a fun and rewarding corp to be a part of (Instead of your usual popularity contest like many)

Activity has been in it’s ups and downs lately as life happens, but we are once again back on the grind of recruiting to get more people into our wormhole home!

Currently we offer PvP roams and Ratting/Gas Huffing fleets although we are trying to get these out more often as we continue to grow (Wormhole groups are hard to build, but we are getting there and the proof is in the pudding!)

We use Discord for comms and Pathfinder for wormhole mapping!

We hope to see you soon and can’t wait to fly with you! Find us here at: Mystic Drago Discord!

I’m terrible keeping up with forum posts, but we are growing wonderfully! Recruitment still open to those interested!

Bump! We’ve had wonderful progress so far this month!

Bump! Mystic Drago community is forming wonderfully! Join us to be part of this progress!