Mystic Drago [US/EUTZ][C4 Wormhole Corp]

Mystic Drago is currently looking for aspiring / veteran wormhole pilots ready to commit to living in wormhole space! House of Drago Alliance [Mystic Drago] has lived in wormhole space for quite a while now and continue to grow and thrive on the daily! We are looking for pilots experienced in wormhole space and also have some openings for new wormhole explorers that are ready to commit to living in one rather than their usual daytrips. What do we offer?

-Roaming Fleet We love to group up and roam through our wormhole connects hunting targets we may come across. Anyone in corp is welcome on these whether you’ve been from the beginning or just joined this morning!

-PvE Ratting As many wormholers do, we rat in our static connections for that sweet blue loot!

-Gas Huffing We have many that love to huff gas, so never fear as there is almost always some clouds around here!

-Scouting While this is normally not an “Activity” per se, we always offer corp projects so you are also making income while scanning down chains!

-Corporation Projects! Mystic Drago always ensures we have corporation projects active so you get paid for, Damaging Capsuleers, Scanning Wormholes/Gas Sites/Data/Relic Sites, Destroying hostile pilots, and even a few double dippers if you do so in our home hole! Come join in the fun at: Mystic Drago : Eve and ask for a recruiter!

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I’m terrible keeping up with forum posts, but we are growing wonderfully! Recruitment still open to those interested!

Bump! We’ve had wonderful progress so far this month!

Bump! Mystic Drago community is forming wonderfully! Join us to be part of this progress!

Bump! Tons of new recruits lately, join them and come experience wormhole life!

Ready to see what all the wormhole talk is about? Join up now!

Bump! Recruitment is still open!

Tons of new recruits lately, join now and let’s get you in!

Still recruiting!

Still growing! Come join in the fun!

Tons of new activity lately, join in today!

Our wormhole space is filling out nicely, join today and we will set you on the path to wormhole greatness!

come give us a look.

Come have a chat. Are doors are still open.

come join are discord for a chat.

Great activity lately, join the discord and become part of the group!

Awesome place to be!

Looking for a new wormhole corp? We’re the place for you!