[USTZ] [High + WH Space] Mystic Drago is looking for Explorers and PvP'ers!

Mystic Drago is recruiting!

We are an Explo/Indy/PvP group that has just gotten the first month of living in wormhole space under their belt.

With only a few months since creation Mystic Drago has recruited a well rounded group and entered into Wormhole space living in a Raitaru together.
We offer a fun space to fly around and make new buddies in and chat with other to boost your gameplaying experience.

  • We are currently looking to get new people into our wormhole space asap to add to our numbers in there.
    -Experience is nice but in no way a need before joining.
    -Feeling bored of WH space? Want a change for a few days? We also have an Athanor in Waira in which you can station out of or mine moon ores with your pals!

Come join our discord Mystic Drago : Eve or chat with us in our public channel in-game in “MSDG Recruitment”

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