Mystical Knights for HS/LS Indy/PVE

The Mystical Knights is recruiting returning and current players.

Our Focus Includes

Industrial - PI, Mining, Manufacturing
PVE - Triglavian Content(Abyssals, FOBs), Missions, Combat Sites
PVP - Small and Large Ops through local coalition

We have Aussie/EU/US timezones.
We are an old, established corp.
We are small size looking to grow to mid size. We’re large enough to have active members on 24/7(also due to multiple TZs)
We use discord.

We are located in a HS island within LS(Solitude) so our activities include both HS and LS with a particular interest in scanning and WH due to our seclusion.

Please feel free to contact me in game with any questions.

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