[N.E.S.T] - PvE & Industrialists - New Player Friendly!

N.E.S.T Corporation are currently seeking newer players wishing to get familiar with the game in their chosen career paths.

We are also accepting of more eperienced players looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, yet structured.

We have 3 corporations within our alliance all focused on new player content:

New Eden Space Terrorists:

  • Mission Running
  • Abyssals
  • Incursions
  • Wormhole Exploration
  • Ratting
  • Any new PvE content introduced by CCP will be priority focus!

ROID Industries
ROID Industries is our Indie focused corporation. Anyone who is seeking a career in mining & logistcs this is a good corporation to start in. We will assist you in learning the in & outs, help you get into your first mining vessels and fit you up with the right fittings based on where you are mining from.

New Eden Science Institute
Do you like seeding markets, manufacturing & trade? New Eden Science Institute is all about research & manufacturing. We will work together to source and research BPO’s as a corporation, make copies and manufacture using corporation assets as you learn and gain more access to roles. Trading on behalf of the corporation and for yourself.

Read More: http://nestcorporation.wordpress.com

Contact Anduin Matova in-game if interested.

Still looking for members :slight_smile:

Still open to recruiting. Looking for newer players wanting a more relaxed environment - no strings attached.

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