[N0NE]An Alliance Has No Name is recruiting!

An Alliance has No Name - A Wormhole alliance living in a C2 wh designated ‘Kronos’ are recruiting pilots for its main line corporation Tri-Gun, and other like minded corporations to join the alliance.

What can we offer –

  • Nullsec and C5 static connections, allowing us to choose who and where we fight
  • EU Primary and US timezone based fleets
  • Small to medium gang combat, more skill less blob
  • An Astrahaus, Fortizar and Raitaru on grid for all your docking needs
  • Need a ship built? Bring the minerals in and we can get them built in the wh for you
  • If we think we can win, we will stay on grid and fight, and if we lose we lose. No one will be harassed for at least trying
  • Good pilots who have played the game and can pass the knowledge to those who need it, and learn from those willing to offer
  • An unsecure hanger with fleet ships to be handed out when needed, got a comp you want to try? Buy the ships and get them handed out.

What we are looking for –

  • Line members to help us stand up against the mainstream alliances in K-space
  • FC’s willing to find and utilize any content we can
  • Basic knowledge of fleets and Eve combat, more advanced stuff can be learned
  • Corporations looking for the wormhole experience, who also understand that sometimes people just want a day off. Only commit to what you can, we don’t want to burn anybody out
  • People who are happy to adapt and change to suit the mechanics of the game, and the needs of those around them

Alpha pilots are welcome. But be aware we would like Omega so our pilots aren’t left out due to skill restrictions, so if you’re an alpha, we only require that you are at least considering omega if you want to stay long term.

Now there is no point in hiding the fact, some days we will only catch afk ratters or miners. But some days we’ll catch a lot more. And with more pilots we can take on bigger fleets.

Kill Board

Want to know more? Mail Graeme Edwardson or join the public channel ‘Church of The Great Potato’ for more information

Fly Safe guys o7

Tri-gun Recruitment Officer

Lets light the proverbial cyno and bump this thread :slight_smile:

Any potential wormholers out there?

Cyno up! Anyone coming through?

Wormhole Bookmarked, lets go

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