{NA/US} Masamune's Binge Pirates < Low/Null PvP > COSMC Alliance

Masamune’s Binge Pirates are looking to expand various operations in terms of our core pilots looking to built a tight knit group of combatants in Eve Online.

We are interested in individuals searching to build lasting friendships with whom to forge memorable moments in a game world we all love and know. We are a laid back mature group of veterans and newbro pilots. All members are expected to be respectful and courteous of comrades within the corp and allies alike.

We are a PvP focused corporation which operate out of low sec/null sec areas typically. We offer members in-house doctrines/fittings that are constantly evolving to match changes in the meta or updates going live in-game. We assist members looking to grow in their combat capabilities from the starting out tackler frigate pilot upwards to sub-capital and beyond pilots. Even if you don’t stay with us we’ll equip you with the tools to become a better pilots overall in your endeavors within Eve.

Cosmic Accord ALLIANCE

We are a member of the Cosmic Accord alliance based in the Immensea region.

We run various forms of content from low-sec/pochven hunting parties and yeet fleets to null sec alliance related combat fleets. A fight could happen anywhere and we always strive to have our pilots equipped with capable PvP fittings no matter the environment. Typically fleets will be small to medium in size for corp based PvP content but can reach large sized fleets when it comes to alliance fleets running integral content within our territories.


  • Seasoned Veteran Leadership
  • Active, tight knit group of players
  • Small to medium sized fleets for each type of pilots PvP preference
  • Regular corp and alliance content with great FCs at the helm
  • Experienced veterans willing to help even the most green of new players coming into the game
  • Drama free environment


  • Real life always comes first
  • Veterans that have played for roughly 13-15+ years
  • US Timezone Pilots & Content
  • Null Sec Alliance Activities
  • Regular PvP Fleets during the week
  • Skill Plans for Newbro Players
  • SRP (Ship Replacement Program) for organized/constructed PvP content fleets
  • Corp Logistics to get you what you need when you need it for PvP content. We’re a community so we work together to help each member succeed


  • A microphone for Discord! This is a must for fleet content. If you can listen that is fine at the very minimum but you must be in comms during organized content events.
  • 18+ years of age
  • NA Timezone (If you are EU we can get you into an affiliate corp thanks to the alliance)
  • Capable of becoming self sustainable or willing to learn how to reach such a status in-game
  • A willingness to learn and accept constructive criticism
  • A sense of humor, we’re all adults here, let’s enjoy the game and one another’s company.

Masamune’s Binge Pirates Killboard
The killboard may not be the best but at least we are willing to take the hits and keep going and finding the fights and that’s what matters!

Masmune Industries Killboard
This was the old corps killboard, we felt the old name wasn’t suiting what we really enjoyed in the game which was pvp, hence why we changed it to Masamune’s Binge Pirates :slight_smile:

If interested please apply to the corp detailing your interests or desires within the game or reach out to a recruiter directly via direct message or Eve Mail in-game. You can also join our public in-game channel BingePiratesRecruitment


  • Nero Mikakka
  • Warrior Bambino

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