[NADSC] Looking for able pilots (FW - HS/LS PvE/PvP small gang focused roleplaying)

NADSC keeps growing! and now we are planning our next deployment.

No more fighting trigs, now it is fighting the good fights.

up you go, with renovated details and new recruit video!

See our video ad! awesome shots and epxlosions!

up you go!

up you go!

who said this post was allowed to drop from the billboard, up you go!

Back to the top, we are still recruiting!

back to the top still recruiting!

Still looking for piltos who wish to experience small gang, fast and hard hitting, while also trying to stay alive.

Are you up for it? apply today!

We got some kills, some insurance payback and some fun, want to join? apply today!

Still looking for able pilots! join, fire and either explode or kill, your choice!

Ships, explosion, masquerade party, fireworks, racing, exploration, we have it all…want to know more? apply today!

Back to the top, still looking for good pilots!

up you go!

never loose sight of whats important!, join NADSC

We are recruiting, training, fighting and earning ISK

Apply today!

Defend the homeland, fight for liberty and justice (and some pleasure hubs)


Looking for Pilots, join today!

BUMP to the top.

We have recently completed our contract with the FDU.

So if you’re looking to join a small gang, anti-piracy group with the freedom to roam all of New Eden, look no further.

Join NADSC today.