Near Perfect 100mn Abyssal for your Revenant 197.4 Velocity, -106 GJ, -125 PG, +20 CPU :(

Perfect for your 1 cycle Revenant

Let’s start the auction at 3B

lmao 1 cycle revenant

Daily bump

I will start it at 2.5bil

daily bump

Contract me at 3bil will be accepted thruday

Daily Bump

daily bump

Already owned 1 mutated x-type 100mn with a perfect roll, will not 1 cycle a revenant into warp lmfao

You need to a cormack/tobi AB with the overheat bonus :roll_eyes:

Send contract today will buy 3bil

Whats the buy out

I was expecting in the range of 5B. Maybe that’s not reasonable. I’m leaning towards keeping it.

Meet me in the middle

Lets say 4.5bil and give me a week

Sounds good


I can put the contract to when you are ready

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