Need a batphone. Will pay in content

I’m putting a feeler out there.

Looking for someone interested in being a batphone for our group in minmatar lowsec, usatz. I literally cannot pay you anything in isk but could guarantee cap kills. Your primary target would be local is primary, and maybe dock workers.

We are a small gang minmatar FW alliance, and simply do not have the resources to fight their capitals. We would most likely be welping any we have if we’re to bring them in. Local is primary bring there caps in to most large engagements, primarily faxes and dreads, and sometimes just drop a random carrier in too on small stuff for no reason. They are just getting ballsy with them. We can field a support fleet If needed.

If you have any interest, send me a mail in game, or give me your contact information here(I’m bad with forums though fyi) and I’ll get to you when I can.

Thanks space bros