Need a new corp

Hello, 47m SP pilot looking for a new WH/Null corp.

I was in a really good corp in null but i went to join a friends WH corp and that fell through due to them closing recruitment so i need a new home, im bleeding isk out here in highsec xD

needs to be null/wh so i can put my skills to use, currently working on building and piloting a zirnitra but i do all the things PVE, PVP, INDY.

shoot me a mail if you have a place for pilot like me o7

forgot to mention its a bonus if 1/3 of eve is not blue so there are more things to shoot at, and about 2:00-6:00 eve time after work, weekends are on and off depending on plans.

*GriMM Hounds is accepting capable pilots to join us in our new 0.0 Home. We are a US/AU TZ PvP corp.

We are a diverse membership of bros that have been together for over 10 yrs +. We have been playing and quitting this game for so long now that we can relate it to that of a ex girlfriend who we just cant get rid of. Our members come from all over the globe and we do have many pilots in EU and AU time zones so we are always looking for bros and gals in these time zones to join.

If your an Industrial or PvE pilot, we are OK with this. All we ask is that you must love or want to have a love to blow stuff up. With that said we have all the resources needed to meet your Indy/PvE fetishes. Logistics? Well we are a helpful bunch and If you need assistance we will most certainly help you, but we do want our pilots capable of being independent for the most part. We do have an establish noob training course and pvp guidance program available for those of you just coming back or are looking to try new things.

What we offer:

  • Small-Gang shenanigans / Large fleets
  • Profitable Industrial / PVE opportunities
  • SRP Program for Alliance/Coalition ops
  • Multiple Time Zone support
  • Training for New-Bros
  • Logistics to move stuffs
  • Good Bros to shoot the chit with.

Come have a look

hello mate , we are intrested in you

Stop by and have a chat, we might be a good fit for you.

message sent in game - Grimm Hounds

Unless you go to low sec, a 1/3 of Eve is going to be blue, that’s just the state of the game right now, however we have a lot of PvP to offer you. It’s not the size of your blue list that counts, it’s where you focus your efforts, and ours are very much focused on a deployment that will give you a lot of PvP. Plus we have well developed space which means people like to make money which means pvp also comes to us. So you can make ISK and PvP without leaving the area.

So if you’d like to learn more, drop by our discord for a chat, and type !apply which should ping a recruiter. If not, good luck with your search.

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