Need help finding a tool: Warehouse item prices

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Hello All,
I was away for a loooong time. It seems due to the API change all my tools are obselete now.
I was wondering if there is a tool that scans the transactions and calculates an average price for the commodities you purchase?
For example:
Purchase 1: 10000 ItemX at 5 isk per
Purchase2: 20000 ItemX at 4 isk per

Warehouse: ItemX amount 30000 @ 4.33 isk per

I was using for this which tracked the transactions and let me manually subtract any amount that i use.

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jEveAssets kinda have this feature.
In the Asset tool there are 3 columns: Avg Purchase, Max Purchase, Min Purchase.
In the options you can set how many days back in time to include.
I don’t know if it will fit your needs, but, you can give it a try if you like.

Disclaimer: I’m the creator of jEveAssets

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Thanks. Did not see your reply until now.
Will check and report back!

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