Need more crazy Goats

Welcome to our vain attempt to prove to you that we are better than all the other corps recruiting on here.

Our core group is a bunch of salty military vets who have flown together for years and have done just about everything eve has to offer. We have decided to try another attempt at building our own sand castle in this game instead of cramming into the existing ones like everyone else.

We are a pvp oriented corp living currently out of the Forge low sec while we build up, kill ■■■■ and have fun. We eventually plan to take our own sov. We also have a C3 krab hole with great PI planets for people to use.

What we offer:

~Good social community. We are trying to build a home away from home for our pilots
~Variety of PVP: Null roams, Killing FW nerds, black ops and maybe even the occasional drunk freighter gank.
~C3 WH with a low sec exit and great PI planets for your isk making needs
~Lots of experienced pilots and FCs to help teach you different aspects of the game

What We Want:

~Would prefer at least 5 mil SP but will make exceptions for people we enjoy talking to
~Self motivated. We arent baby sitters
~Be flexible. We will be doing different things and our ops will change
~Be a cool people. We wont tolerate being a toxic prick
~Looking for more small gang FCs. Willing to pay guys to do it.


Public Chat: Capusleer Bar & Grill
Recruiter: Harrkonen Dune

Hit us up.

Still looking for more crazy people to add to the family.

Pop in our discord today.

i condone this product/service.
i have tried this product and it exceeded my expectations in every way possible.

I condone his condones.

Hop on our discord anytime.

Still looking for self motivated people.

Daily bumpage.

Still looking for recruits.

Need more people to be bad at this game with.

Still recruiting.

This is a great Corporation! Welcomed me with open arms! Great bunch of folks! Often runs low sec/null sec PVP ops! Great time!`

Come fly with us and die in a ball of fire.

Hop on our discord and say hi.

Still recruiting.

grazing is good but still need more goats

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