Neocyber Innovations - Industrialists & Innovators wanted!

Neocyber Innovations

Corporation Operations are in LoneTrek

An Industry focussed Corporation that is driven by objectives with a simple end goal in mind. To enrich its members while having FUN.

What We Offer

  • Great Industrial Infrastructure
  • Regular Mining Fleets including Ice & Moon Mining
  • Abyssal Dead Space runners
  • Corporation or Alliance Buy Back Programme
  • Low Corporation Tax
  • Boosted Fleets & Compression
  • Access to PVP
  • Extensive Corporation BPO/BPC Library
  • Active Discord
  • Ship Replacement Programme
  • Free Beginner Ships e.g. Venture, Heron & once established in the group Procurers.

What Are We Looking For?

  • Industrial minded Pilots
  • Ability to join Discord (Voice Comms not mandatory)
  • Positive Attitude, Respectful
  • Alpha Pilots are very welcome

We have different positions available right now, if you are experienced in leading any of the above, please reach out.

Looking for more recruiters - Paid work.

Join our Discord

Another day another ice belt being melted. Still recruiting.

Looking for Pilots from all backgrounds.

Alts are also welcome, no questions asked.

Top 5 Fastest growing Corporations in EVE online.

Come be a part of something new.

Multiple daily mining fleets.

Fast Corporation Buy Back Programme.

Come & make ISK with us.

Still actively recruiting all Pilots.

Free Ships, Ship replacement Programme, Extensive BPO, BPC Collection.

LF Pilots interested in Moon Mining & PI.

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