Netherlands (the Hague / Amsterdam)

A complete sentence.

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I wouldn’t suggest putting all that info out there. As an avid internet user people can use your email for bad purposes. @Khannea_Sun-Tzu I suggest using the website or possibly looking around on reddit because sometimes people will host city specific meetups.

I’ll be fine. I am allready very very much out there.

Also, I have seen a few ‘typical’ eve players, and let’s politely say I am interested in a special subselection of this category of human beings, and I’d prefer to avoid some other categories. If I can find that in my area, great. If not I will keep doing other stuff.

Might I suggest keeping an eye on the EVEsterdam facebook? Went there last year and had a great time getting drunk with a load of fellow eve nerds from both the Netherlands and many other places ^^

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We contacted the Evesterdam-page last week but they aren’t going to plan anything because of the Fanfest. :frowning:

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