Looking for likeminded play buddy in the Amsterdam area

I have currently not been subscribed to Eve Online for over a year.

Playing eve physically alone I can’t rouse myself to play. I am keenly interested in Eve but I am doing so much other games and hobbies I quickly get scatterbrained and lose focus. In the past I played with other people (physically, in a single room) and only that works for me to motivate me. I tend to not be able to do only online stuff for any length of time.

Hence I am looking for someone who has the same stance towards Eve (maybe even several people - or a corporation) to play the game together. I found many of the typical kind of people in Eve incompatible with me IRL though. You wouldn’t catch me on Evefest, ever.

For some reason I cant post in Looking For Corporation.

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Hello Tsurutanya,

First and foremost, your unique approach to EVE, prioritizing physical connection and camaraderie, is truly refreshing. The game can indeed be exponentially more enjoyable when experienced alongside like-minded individuals in a shared space.

While I am not in the Amsterdam area to offer that physical presence and shared gameplay experience you seek, I wanted to extend an offer. Cryptopia is a wormhole-based corporation that values community, camaraderie, and collaboration. While our interactions are primarily online, the nature of wormhole life ensures that our members are deeply interconnected, working together closely for survival and prosperity in the intricate web of wormhole space.

If you ever find yourself willing to give the online aspect another shot, even if just as an experiment, we’d be thrilled to welcome you aboard. You might find that the tight-knit nature of our community and the close cooperation required in J-space might provide a level of engagement that keeps you motivated.

In any case, I genuinely hope you find the perfect setup that aligns with your preferences. EVE is vast and diverse, and there’s a space for everyone. If you’re ever intrigued by wormhole life or just want to chat, drop by our Discord channel [CYPTA] Cryptopia.

Fly safe, and may you find the camaraderie you seek in New Eden!

Best wishes,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia