110m+ SP toon looking for -10 corp

My main subcap toon is at around 110m sp, my cap alt about the same. I have played for enough time to not ■■■■ up your killboard. Weekdays i can play from 4:00 to 16:00 EVE time, weekends wide open.

Im open to highsec piracy but would prefer lowsec.


You Are Welcome With us :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Subject 4927,

Your experience, evident from your impressive SP count, is certainly commendable. Having players like you, who value and understand the intricacies of engagements and the importance of smart decision-making, is always a boon.

At Cryptopia, our core operations are centered in wormhole space. However, given our wormhole’s lowsec static, we often find ourselves diving into lowsec for both opportunistic piracy and planned operations. Our unique positioning between J-space and lowsec offers a rich palette of opportunities, combining the unpredictability of wormhole engagements with the raw adrenaline of lowsec confrontations.

Here’s what you can expect with us:

  • Varied Engagements: From skirmishes in the heart of wormhole space to lowsec piracy and confrontations, our daily operations span a wide spectrum.
  • Experienced Group: Our members range from old-time veterans to enthusiastic newcomers, all bound by a common love for space engagements and strategic gameplay.

Your preference for lowsec aligns well with our operations, and we’d be thrilled to discuss how you can fit into the grand tapestry of Cryptopia’s endeavors. Join us on our Discord channel [CYPTA] Cryptopia for a chat!

Should you venture towards other horizons more focused on highsec piracy or a distinct playstyle, we’d understand and wish you the best in your adventures.

Fly dangerous and always aim for the stars!

Best regards,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia

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