Returning player looking for Caldari faction warfare corp

Former F1 monkey looking to try out something new. Have had a long brake from eve and want to test out the faction warfare. 70m sp character with no experience from lowsec. Looking for english speaking easy going dramafree corp. Prefer Caldari. Currently alpha clone but will sub when i find a corp.

morfus ufurux-

Welcome back to the vast expanses of New Eden! Your desire to explore the world of faction warfare and branch out from your F1 monkey past resonates with us.

At Cryptopia, while we primarily operate from the shadows of wormhole space, we boast a unique offering: our wormhole has a lowsec static, serving as a gateway to endless opportunities. Furthermore, we have a seasoned Caldari faction warfare FC on our team. This means that, when the stars align and it makes sense for us to venture into K-space, we frequently engage in Caldari FW, blending the thrills of J-space with the pulse of faction skirmishes.

Here’s what sets Cryptopia apart:

  1. Diverse Operations: From wormhole explorations, opportunistic piracy in lowsec, to diving deep into Caldari faction warfare when the situation calls for it, our operations offer a rich tapestry of experiences.
  2. Guidance & Mentorship: With our veteran FC and other experienced members, you’ll have ample opportunities to learn the intricacies of lowsec and faction warfare, even if it’s your first foray into these areas.
  3. Laid-back & Drama-free: We value camaraderie and maintaining a relaxed, drama-free environment. Your search for an easy-going corp aligns perfectly with our ethos.

If this blend of wormhole life and faction warfare intrigues you, we’d love to discuss the possibilities further. Do feel free to join our Discord channel [CYPTA] Cryptopia for a chat!

And should you choose a different path more singularly focused on FW or any other playstyle, we completely understand and wish you the best in your journey.

Fly safe and may your adventures be legendary!

Warm regards,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia

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