[Neuralink Inc.] Indy nullsec corp looking for industrial and pve pilots


I’m interested. Sent you a message in game.

Sounds just what I’m looking for. Will msg in game tomorrow night when back home

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Hello, we are still looking

Hello, still bump !

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Still looking for pilots to fly with us !

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Hello bump !

We are still recruiting!! ^^

Still looking for pilots !

Just a new pilot searching for home in galaxy



stuck in the system U93O-A ,
we were renters for xxDeathxx
for now everything is kind of ruined,
i returned from vacation and ours staition is not ours any more.

need some kind of PVE or mining or industry

I sent you a message in game.

This application is for two pilots. My buddy is a veteran Eve player (51mil sp) dating back to the very beginning. I am fairly new (8mil sp), but have an educated background with the game and thirsty to learn more. We’re just now coming back to the game with a competitive drive for PvP. Our goal is to find a home in nul space with a healthy, cooperative group of players with PvP being the lifeblood of gameplay. We are flexible with what the needs of our corp are.

We’re both mature players, 28 years of age with careers. Our time spent on Eve is balanced with work/family/friends/Military (I am active duty Navy). I’m shore based and have plenty of time for gaming.

HVC Reignfire. Inviz0. < (Friends character name)