[Neuralink Inc.] Indy nullsec corp looking for industrial and pve pilots

No Demands
Play how you want with no-one telling you what to do
Do what the F*** you like attitude

The Pitch:
1. Do you want to make ISK? Lots of it?
2. Do you like to mine, build stuff, rat or trade?
3. Interested in Joining a friendly Corp based in Null?
4. Want to be part of an alliance making Null security space a profitable enterprise?

If Yes, Then try Neuralink Inc.

The boring bit:
All new applicants are requested to complete:

What happens now?
Neuralink Inc recruiters will be in contact with you in due course to discuss options.

Need an answer now?
Mail or Private Message: Claina

Who we are:
We are a new null sec industrial corp, based in Vale of Silent.
Weather you are a miner or an industrialist or even a ratter, this it the place for you.

Who is the alliance:
We are a member of Rate My Ticks, member of PanFam coalition.

Our timezone:
Most of us are around EUTZ +/-
But we are actively seeking for members to cover all time zones.

Our goal:
To build and supply the wars of eve with everything. Starting from ammo and ending with titans.
Mine -> Build -> Trade…Repeat

What we offer:

Corp buyback program
Jump freighter services
Upgraded system for mining/industry/ratting
Engineering Complexes and Refineries
Null sec systems very close to Jita. 1j with JF - logistics are very good
Ice mining, Ore mining
Rorqual / Orca / Porpoise boost all the time
Jump Freighter services
Good Planets for PI
Possibility to get a role in corp, if you want to get involved
Information, expertise, training in mining / industry / pve
Corp Discord


"Build the world with Neuralink"

Looking for other solo players;
Returning Vet with New Characters Looking for Nul Sec ISK Farming / PvP
40m Returning Player EU TZ
Active AUTZ (around downtime) pvp corp?
5m SP Miner LF Nul Primary Mining Group
13mill sp focused carrier pilot lf 0.0 pve/pvp
Looking for a place to lay my hat
Returning 70 Mil sp player thinking of coming back to eve
Returning 35m SP player looking for Corp
23 mil pilot lookin for a us based corp
Looking for a clean slate in EVE (Returning Player)
92m sp PVP pilot looking to come back into the fold
Looking for a chill group who’ll accept an old timer
You've heard it all before... returning to eve... for the 4th time
Looking for new home. 225mil + sp
Returning Player 13.25M SP (Exploration, PvP, PvE)
Returning Pilot (2 Chars)
Looking for industry corp
Two brothers returning to Eve again
Mining and Indy corp
Returning player LF corp
Returning Noob with 21.7sp
Looking for GMT +8 Corp to come back for EVE
Looking for corp! Prefer ratting in Guristas region
Miner looking for a home
Returning player LF Corp
Looking for an active corp
96Mil, USTZ Bittervet Looking For Home
Looking for Industry Oriented Corp
Industrialist / miner looking for home
High Skilled Pilot with 2 decent alts (155m+ SP plus 92m+SP plus 75m+SP ) needs new home
90M SP semi-vet looking for nullsec antics
150mil SP pilot looking for late night corp
90M SP player looking for corp
Returning Player 24m SP -Looking for Null - UK TZ
Looking for a Null Corp
Looking for Active Corp // 2 character 49M sp
33mil sp pilot returning to game to try game again usa TZ
12M SP returning player looking for active corp
Returning pilot looking for nullsec home
New player looking for a corp (NA)
Looking to return to game
New Alpha looking for a Corp
Looking for good sized group
Returning 30m/10m SP player looking for something new
New player looking for corp
13mln sp pilot looking for null/wh corp
Returning to the game. Looking for a corporation
Indy character looking for new home
Returner Newb Looking for a Home/Direction
Casual Player looking for Casual Corp
xxLooking for a FOREVER! Homexx
LF friendly corp
LF Friendly PVE Corp
LF friendly corp
70m sp pvp pilot looking for new home in k-space
50mil SP having a hard time finding an active corp?
110 mil sp newbro
77m SP Returning member LF pvp corp
Looking for a place to call home
100M SP player and active - Looking for corp
Considering options 37m sp pvp
Returning player looking for well balanced corp
51m Old twat returned to game looking for a new home
Returning player
Returning player looking for new corp USTZ
Returning player looking for Corp
100M SP Returning Player
Closed. Found a home
Returning 230M SP player looking for casual small-scale PvE & PvP (WHs, low-sec, faction warfare)
(No longer looking)
Found corp please delete
UK TZ Alpha looking for 0.0 rental corp
Closed - Thanks for all the offers :)
188M SP char looking for new home
130M SP Returning player looking for PVP Fun
115+mil sp player looking to return
Returning player looking for a home
46.7M Pilot - LF a Corps PVE / Mining / Industry
6 Years Returning Player Looking For Corp
Returning/New player looking for Corp

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We need you !


Still here still looking


I have not played in a couple years, and then it was only for a few months and got lost.

I re-downloaded the game and need a home to learn in. Not sure if you take rookies or not.


Sure we do, mail me in game to have a chat. We can help you out. Fly safe o/

Hi Claina,

I am not around until later tonight. I have family coming into town this evening. I will try to get mail sent off to you.

I have also started a new character to do the tutorial again. I will send from him.


I will be sending from this account. That other one was my original 7 day trial

Hello, still looking for pilots

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Back to top ! Still looking for pilots

Previous player here. Haven’t played since 2012 but over the past month I have gotten back into it. Used to live in a WH mining for days and I miss the adventure. I have a mining character and a ratter (pvp) character to assist. Would love to get into a corp that enjoys themselves and makes us both a lot of isk :smiley:

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