New player looking for a corp (NA)

I’m a VERY new pilot and i’m tired of randomly travelling through Amarr space. I’m interested in any active corp that is willing to show me the ropes of the different opportunities available in EVE (So far I’ve had fun with mining and combat and am leaning towards them).

Planning on being quite active:
-Mon-Fri online in the afternoon.
-Working weekends so Sat/Sun i’ll be online at night.

I’m looking forward to playing with everyone!


Try Pandemic Horde.

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If you’re looking for a smaller group, Oh Okay Inc is a lowsec industrial corp in Amarr space.

Check out our corp bio to find our in game channel, and we can see if we are a fit for you!

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If you are very new and looking for a cohesive group to join that will train you and offer a route into various forms of content to I’d like to suggest you contact me in game.

What my group can offer you:
-voice communications
-content from pvp to indy
-mature playerbase
-multigaming community beyond just eve
-no forced obligation anything

What we expect of you:
-Keep in touch…log in once a month or let us know if youll be gone longer for whatever reason
-dont be a jerk
-be ok with some dark humor
-be willing to work in a team and be social
-log into voice comms(mic not required…listening is)

Hope to hear from you soon!
William Hazel

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o/ @Sirus_Thorne

The Riot Formation is currently recruiting!

We currently seek EU PVP Pilots!!

We are members of a sov holding alliance and seek EU and US pilots that share our vision of small gang destruction, social interaction and general space-based shenanigans.

The core of this fine corporation is ready to swell both our PvP and industrial pilot numbers. The leaders of RIOT are veterans of the game, we started in 2003/2004 so we know what we are doing, we are a mature corporation that avoids excessive drama, only accept adults into our ranks. Our play hours with the alliance are around the clock but we accept RL comes first. We run regular evening corp OPs and small gang roams.

Highlights include:-

  • Members of Darkness, a nullsec sov alliance in the content rich north
  • Comprehensive ship replacement programme (SRP)
  • Entirely self sufficient - we mine, build, destroy, transport, fund and exist with no outside assistance.
  • We share our alliance’s vision and do like dropping caps on people, we like big-ass fights
  • Small gang specialists, we like small roams as well
  • In-house development of doctrines and tactics, available for all to get involved with
  • Low tru-sec and plenty of opportunities for indy pilots
  • Drunken comms singing as standard
  • Maybe some cake. Depends on the FC.
  • Over 21’s policy, no kids or space-babies
  • Partner/Family friendly playtimes - free wife-faction resistance plating for all members
  • Teamspeak, sweet website, Discord, stuff
  • Experienced leadership, directors having flown with major players for 14 years
  • Token Australian

In return:-

  • Be sensibly active
  • We are primarily a PvP corp, you must have the stones to fight
  • Use our comms
  • Turn up for stuff
  • Practice your favourite song for the affor mentioned drunken comms singing
  • Be able to read, listen and comprehend English
  • Have 2 million skillpoints <<< Guideline mate, we can discuss this bit.

So if you fancy a bit of all that, you can come and see us in our in-game public channel, The Kings Head or you can speak direct to @Altrexis_Rin .
We have our own in-game public chat channel called The Kings Head so please join us in there.

We are also right here on discord come speak to us right now if you like!

Look forward to talking to you soon!

Alt o7

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Careful going to null… It’s actually the safest place to fly if you know the ropes. Haha. If you do go to null, train to have a second clone and keep it in an area where there is skills so you can clone jump back over night to inject skills.

Have fun. If none of the above corps sounds like fun for you, look me up in game and I’ll bring ya out to our null space. We have very little rules. Since it’s your game to play.

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Hello, I am a new player to join EVE as well. I have been looking for a while now and your offer seems to be the only one that doesn’t require me to have played the game for over a year. If possible I would like a chance to join your group. I can tell you any more information you may need in DM’s.

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If trying out some roleplaying in addition to pvp and industry sounds intriguing, take a look at the Electus Matari alliance. I think most (all?) of our corporation also accept newbies. We are not in sov nullsec (and won’t be for the foreseeable future), but I like to think we have a fairly good balance of activities otherwise.

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I see this post was 19 days ago so you probably have already found a group by then and people are just trying to resurrect a dead thread. But in case you haven’t, you should consider Aideron Robotics, they are the new player friendly corp within the Federation Uprising alliance, and are very active within the allinace. If you’re interested in learning more about them, here’s our Discord:

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You really know how to appeal to a gender-diverse audience, do you? :stuck_out_tongue:

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