[Neuralink Inc.] Indy nullsec corp looking for industrial and pve pilots


(Claina) #62

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(Piugattuk) #64

Recently joined this corporation myself, and wow; perfection!

I’ve been in this corporation a pretty short amount of time, and I am already loving it. The space operated in is decent, all the members of the corp I have met are super friendly!

If you are a new or old character looking for a new home in EVE, I’m certain you’d love it here in Neuralink Inc.

  • No demands, it’s true!
  • You can do as you please, mining, pvp, pve!

Hopefully you come find us soon and join the team! You’ll love it here as much as the rest of us do. :slight_smile:

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(Lester Loutte) #71

Greetings! I’ve been living in null for around 15 days now but I would like to find a place that I can truly call home… I’ve been doing research about your corp and I am interested in being a member of it.

Anyone that I can talk for some answers. I’m logging in at the moment…


(Claina) #72

Noted, I will send you a mail in game.

(Lester Loutte) #73

Maybe I’ll just quit my current corp and send a request from the google form site…

(Xenos Morte) #74

I’m currently part of a Highsec mining Corp that isn’t quite what I’m after, recruitment is stagnant and player count is slow, there is almost nobody on at any given time. There’s no profit to be had and no growth. I’m hoping to Branch out from mining and start ratting.

(Claina) #75

Any way the bump blows doesn’t really matter to me, to me

(Tielk) #76

Hello there, I sent an application in via the google doc mentioned in the post!

(Claina) #77

Thank you, will get back to you :slight_smile:

(Yoshimataka Akatami) #78

Newbie miner looking for Corp, ive submited application survey.
Hope we will see in game!

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