[Neuralink Inc.] Indy nullsec corp looking for industrial and pve pilots


(Claina) #102

We are back in business, come join us in Vale :slight_smile:

(Hannah Parry) #103

do you take even a new player because i would like to join

(Claina) #104

Yes, we take new players also.

(Claina) #105

Hello bump !

(Markus Cole) #106

Hi, very interested in joining you. Filled out an application online and will apply later on tonight when in game.


Markus C

(Claina) #107

I saw your application, thank you. I sent you a mail in game and an invite.

Thanks for your interest.

(Markus Cole) #108

many thanks

I’ll try and catch you in game again tonight.


(Claina) #109

Yup, i am here :). Waiting for pilots to join us !

(Claina) #110

Still bumping

(Claina) #111

Everyday i’m bumpaling…

(Claina) #112

Bumpaling am i everyday…

(Claina) #113

Ok, tomorrow i am gonna start song number 2, Sing with me … and bump

(Claina) #114

Last Christmas, I gave you my BUMP

(Masa Huku) #115

Hi, just submited the online form. Looking forward to a reply. Usually online around 20+ eutz. O7

(Claina) #116

Got it, thank you. You have a mail in game from me .

(Claina) #117

But the very next day you BUMP it away

(Claina) #118

This year, to save me from BUMPS

(Claina) #119

I’ll BUMP it to someone special

(Claina) #120

Once bitten and twice BUMPED

(Enrise Scarletina) #121

Hello, just submitted the online form. waiting for a reply.