[Neuralink Inc.] Indy nullsec corp looking for industrial and pve pilots


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Just want to wish everybody a Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true. Stay healthy, be well, fly safe.

and Bump :smile: :wink:

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Happy New Bump !

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(SuperTomy) #130

Hi Omega player. Ex-Member of the alliance Rate my ticks. I was in the corp DeezNutzz, my corp move to 0.5 and i really like to go back to null sec.

Miner-Explorer can use a orca. And i send a appli https://goo.gl/forms/Oto1DBEwAu7vGw9x2

Waiting answer, thk for the time.

I speak spanish and english. +1 UTC time.

(Claina) #131

I have sent you a message in game. Thank you

(SuperTomy) #132

thk is late we talk tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Welcome to Bumperland !

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Bumperland United !

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(Letharu Polsteree) #138

submitted an application a couple of days ago. Still waiting to hear something.

(Mack Henderson) #139

You had me at Bumphemian Rhapsody!

(Letharu Polsteree) #140

its your professionalism that I love!!! Later.