Neutral Born Killers - Do you love flying Triglavian?


Welcome to Neutral Born Killers, Are you a fan of Triglavian Ships?

Are you looking to be part of a well formed PVP group?

NEW OR EXPERIENCED, All are welcome to come and chat

We are a new corp looking to build a SOCIAL/effective group of PVP pilots.

  • Regular PVP opportunities
  • High sec
  • Low Sec
  • Null Sec
  • Solo and small gang
  • Training Provided

Mission Running, Exploration and Incusions for ISK

  • Active Mature Leadership
  • NO Hassle/Drama
  • No Politics
  • Ships Provided for PVP Fleets
  • NO CTA`s
  • RL Comes first

Discord with working MIC is MANDITORY

If you would like to know more, feel free to join our PUB channel. .NBK Public

Or join our Discord.

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