[EU/US/AUTZ] Neutral Born Killers // Nullsec Corp is recruiting //

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From the ashes of EvE, a group of capsulers seeking to restore old fashion sandbox gameplay, We are playing and fighting to write-up fantastic stories which will become the legacy of New Eden

In-game goals and unstressed role-play

  • Staging areas in Null Sec
  • PvP events and doctrines
  • Active leadership
  • Development plans and academy for new players

What are wee looking for:

  • New player-friendly, you need to have Omega or 5 mil SP as an Alpha.
  • Working coms: Microphone, Discord. And be active in comms.
  • Desire for PVP, Ratting, and Industry
  • Keep in hangar minimal set-up from the doctrines ships
  • Willingness to the game and learn new things
  • Mature mentality - we don’t care how old you are…

For new pilots:

  • In house training

  • Compensation of training losses

  • Help with PvE

  • Main requirements:

  • Be active in discord and voice comms

  • Have no fear and take pvp whenever you can

Welcome guys

About us…

We are a Null Sec based PVP/PVE Corp. .

We operate a Newbro program to help new players learn the game, give advice on ships, skills and game mechanics,

Once you have joined, you will be given assistance with how to make ISK fast as a newbro, and Guidance with skill books to get you trained into the starter ships required.


Ingame Public Channel : .NBK Public




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