Natural Born Killers recruitment

From the ashes of EvE, a group of capsulers seeking to restore old fashion sandbox gameplay and build PVP collective without dozens of Blue. We are playing and fighting to write-up fantastic stories which will become the legacy of New Eden

  • In-game goals and unstressed role-play
  • Staging areas in NPC 00 and WH space
  • PvP events and doctrines
  • Out game events - meetups
  • Active leadership
  • Development plans and academy for new players
  • Regular logistics from trading hubs to staging.

What are wee looking for:

  • New player-friendly, you need to have Omega or 1 mil SP as an Alpha.
  • Working coms: Microphone, Discord. And be active in coms.
  • Desire to PVP - you need to be sure that PvP is your gameplay style
  • Keep in hangar minimal set-up from the doctrines ships
  • Willingness to the game and learn of new things
  • Mature mentality - we don’t care. how old you are…

For new pilots:

  • Onboarding trainings
  • Compensation of training losts
  • Helping with PvE
  • Main requirements:
  • Be active in discord and voice comes
  • Have no fear and take pvp whenever you can

How to find us:

In-game contacts: (EUTZ) steve Willis (CEO) (AUTZ) Ahmya Hina (director)
In-game Public chat : .NBK Public
Offline contacts:

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